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Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander diesel £500 deposit contribution

Seward Mitsubishi 5 year warranty

So far ahead it's in a class of its own

Capable, good-looking and eminently practical - the Mitsubishi Outlander personifies its SUV classification absolutely. But it is a modern SUV, designed for modern-thinking people, so it also does its job with respect. It is an SUV which can seat up to seven people (all in properly padded seats with plenty of leg-room) or swallow a couple of mountain bikes whole, yet its footprint is smaller than that of most family estates. Its 2.2 litre engine delivers decent punch (147 bhp and plenty of torque to hustle along when the mood takes you) and comes with an on-demand four-wheel drive system which is more than capable of beating bad weather or making light work of heavy terrain, yet its frugal and clean-running nature returns economies its peers can't come close to matching. Indeed, manual models with their Automatic Stop & Go function deliver over 52 mpg and automatics in excess of 48 mpg, whilst annual road tax is just £130 and £180 respectively. It provides all the high-vantage, big- car protection you could ask for, yet it's been designed to do so in such a way as to minimise injury to pedestrians or damage to vehicles lighter than itself; and it offers loads of cutting-edge technologies which make your driving safer, easier and far more pleasurable.

The Outlander has always been an accomplished vehicle but this third generation model goes one step further. It's an altogether smoother character, with superior aerodynamics and lighter on its feet - 100 kilograms lighter, in fact. It is spacious, well-made and versatile; capable, comfortable and consistent, and it goes about its job with a quiet and competent grace. Its styling is refined and it stands head and shoulders above the pack. Indeed, to be truthful it's really in a class of its own.

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